​​Certificate of Professional Achievement in Implantology


PASS/Match Program No
Application Deadline TBD
Program Start Date
Number of Positions 3
Length of Program
2 days per week for 2 years


Apply to the Implantology Program 

This advanced program leading to a Certificate of Professional Achievement in Implantology is a 2 day per week, 2 year program designed to train periodontists and prosthodontist dentists in the placement and restoration of implants. This program will allow trainees to achieve a level of clinical proficiency in Implant Dentistry.

Lectures and seminars (generally) take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from September to June and attendance is required. Students admitted into the program will be required to attend an orientation week at the end of June before starting the program in September.

Practitioners are academically trained via basic and advanced didactic lectures, seminars, and literature review sessions (classic and current articles). All topics pertinent to surgical and prosthetic dental implantology are covered; e.g. diagnosis and treatment planning; surgical protocols (implant placement, sinus grafting, guided bone regeneration, soft tissue grafting); prosthetic protocols (implant and abutment level procedures, screw vs. cement retained, prosthesis design (fixed vs. overdentures)); and aftercare.

Clinical procedures include all of the aforementioned protocols performed on patients under the supervision of experienced specialists on the faculty of the College of Dental Medicine of Columbia University.

Research projects, academic presentations and publication opportunities are part of the Fellowship experience.

This program is based on the curriculum that for the past 20 years has provided training to hundreds of practitioners, both domestic and international and has been referred to as a “clinical practice-altering” experience.