Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association is the official organization representing the College of Dental Medicine's student body. It consists of the student elected council members of each class, along with a general SGA president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. The members of the SGA meet once a month to present updates on each class, discuss upcoming activities, and vote on proposals for new clubs and amendments to the SGA constitution. The SGA is also responsible for organizing popular school-wide events, such as the Fall BBQ, Halloween Party, and the Spring Semi-Formal.

For more information about the SGA and other student organizations, please visit the CDM Club & SGA Website.

SGA 2017-18 Executive Board

Katelyn Cass '18

Amanda Arriaran '19
Vice President

Vick Gupta '19

Stacy Gurbarg '19

Rebecca Aminov '18
Editor in Chief

"Participating in SGA not only allows me to help plan school-wide events...but also allows me to play an integral part in academic policies. I am so impressed with my fellow students and SGA members for their innovative suggestions and determination for their ideas to come to fruition."

-Veronica Yu '17