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Our Vision For the Future Is Now Online

The College of Dental Medicine Outlines Vision for Precision Dental Medicine

April 11, 2018

Many centuries have passed since the time of  barber shop-based extractions and dentures made from animal teeth, but the core practice remains strikingly consistent: dentists workto combat widespread oral disease by removing and repairing teeth, cutting out diseased tissue in an attempt to heal it.

Although the technology powering today’s computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) of bridges and crowns is astounding, they are limited in their impact. Even the best restorations eventually need replacement. Disease progresses. Patients suffer. And the degree of success depends far too much upon human judgment or is based on incomplete knowledge about what is best for a patient and why.

In a digital age, dentistry remains largely an analog profession.

The Columbia University College of Dental Medicine aims to change that.  The recently-launched Center for Precision Medicine collects unprecedented amounts of data so that we can determine ways to improve care, overall health and wellness, and students' education. 

And to outline the vision for the future, we devoted a portion of our website to update you on the initiative and its progress.

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