​Bio-functional Materials Laboratory

The research interests of the Bio-functional Materials Laboratory are in the areas of:

  • Bio-functional materials for regenerative medicine in bone
  • Biogenic surface modifications of implant devices
  • Tailed drug delivery system
  • Microenvironments for osteo-/vasculogenesis, dynamic 3D culture system to study of bone metastasis
  • 3D cancer model to study of bone metastases and test chemotherapeutic agents.

In particular, we are interested in developing a bio-inspired microenvironment platform to engineer skeletal organoid to study mechanisms of bone formation and metastases. We also aim to further the understanding of microenvironments of stem cell fate concerning hard tissues formation using our invented technology (Patent No: US 8,916,228 B2, Provisional Application: CU14046, CU14182). 

In an increasingly aging society, the need for treatment of bone-related issues is significantly increasing. Our hope is to use these systems to help the treatment for functional bone healing so that entire bone defects can be restored to their original states. We believe quality work depends on idea, passion and persistence.

Laboratory Members

Dental Students

Andrea Kim

*IADR Student Fellowship Award 2016

Chad Curtis

Felix Hong

Stephanie Nkemdirim

Danielle Dorrego

Paul Lee

*First place in Birnberg Research Program 2016

Zachary Hollander

Undergraduate Students

Bilqees Rahman

Erin Cheong

Ashley Koo

Sonia Mankin