Columbia Visiting Professorship Program

Contemporary Issues in Dentistry

To remain a leader in dental medicine, each individual must carefully examine current and future issues-- often controversial-- in our rapidly evolving field.

Since 1980, the Columbia Visiting Professor Program at CDM has invited those at the forefront of dental medicine to discuss the evolving field and the professional challenges our students, alumni, and faculty will face. The program was co-sponsored with the New York State Dental Association until 2010. Since that time it has been generously supported with an educational grant from the Colgate-Palmolive Company.

2018 Lecture: "What is the Future of Geriatric Dentistry?"

Dr. Ronald L. Ettinger

Nov. 14, 2018, 12-7:30 p.m.

School of Nursing Event Space

560 W. 168th Street, 7th Floor, New York City 



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Visiting Professor Program Advisory Committee:

Dr. Ralph S. Kaslick - Chairman, Columbia Visiting Professor Program

Professor and Dean Emeritus, Fairleigh Dickinson University


Dr. Christian S. Stohler - Professor and Dean, Columbia University College of Dental Medicine

Senior Vice President, Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC)


Dr. David A. Albert - Director, Division of Community Health

Associate Professor of Dental Medicine (in Health Policy and Management), CUMC


Dr. Burton Edelstein - Chair, Section of Population Oral Health

Professor of Dental Medicine and Health Policy and Management, CUMC


Dr. James B. Fine - Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Professor of Clinical Dental Medicine, CUMC


Dr. John Grbic - Director, Division of Foundational Sciences

Professor of Dental Medicine, CUMC


Dr. Joseph M. McManus - Associate Professor of Dental Medicine

Section of Population Oral Health

Dr. Letty Moss-Salentijn - Vice Dean for Curriculum Innovation and Interprofessional Education

Edward V. Zegarelli Professor of Dental Medicine (in Anatomy and Cell Biology)


Dr. Laureen Zubiaurre - Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs

Associate Professor of Dental Medicine at CUMC


Past Lecturers: 

2017:  Douglas E. Peterson, DMD, PhD, FDS RCSEd

2016:  Donald B. Giddon, DMD, PhD

2015: Marko Vujicic, PhD

2014: Martha J. Somerman, DDS, PhD

2013: Amit Acharya, BDS, MS, PhD

2012: Joseph M. McManus, DMD, MS, MHA, MS

2011: Elizabeth A. Mertz, PhD

2010: Burton Edelstein, DDS, MPH

2009: Teresa A. Dolan, DDS, MPH

2008: Michael Glick, DMD

2007: Richard W. Valachovic, DMD, MPH

2006: Jane A. Weintraub, DDS, MPH

2005: Allan J. Formicola, DDS

2004: Chester W. Douglass, DMD, PhD

2003: Diarmuid B. Shanley, BDS, MA, MSD, DOdont(hon)

2001: Charles Bertalomi, DDS, DMSc

2000: Marjorie K. Jeffcoat, DMD

1999: Dushanka V. Kleinman, DDS, MScD

1998: Brian A. Burt, BDS, MPH, PhD

1997: Harold C. Slavkin, DDS

1996: David E. Barmes, DDSc, MPH

1995: Robert P. Langlais, DDS, MS

1994: Dominick P. DePaola, DDS, PhD

1993: Ben D. Barker, DDS, MEd

1992: David A. Nash, DMD, EdD

1991: Linda C. Niessen, DMD, MPH

1990: Myron Allukian, Jr., DDS, MPH

1989: Irwin D. Mandel, DDS, DSc(Hon) DOdon(Hon)

1988: Thomas J. Ginley, MS, PhD

1987: Lois K.Cohen, PhD

1986: Raymond P. White, Jr., DDS, PhD

1985: Lawrence H. Meskin, DDS, MPH

1984: Seymour I. Nash, DDS

1983: Alvin L. Morris, DDS, PhD

1982: D. Walter Cohen, DDS

1981: Charles A. McCallum, DMD, MD

1980:  I. Lawrence Kerr, DDS