​Advanced Education in General Dentistry Program (AEGD)

Marc Schlenoff, DDS
AEGD Program Director

PASS/Match Program Match
Application Deadline September 15
Program Start Date July 1
Number of Positions 10
Length of Program 1 or 2 years


Apply to the AEGD Program 

The Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) Post Graduate Program is university based and focuses on developing the clinical skills, didactic knowledge, and related professional interests of recently graduated dental students. A strong focus is placed on preparing residents for the “real world” of practicing dentistry in today’s challenging settings.

The program emphasizes the skills needed to properly diagnose, treatment plan, and treat patients of many different backgrounds. Our patients include those with complex medical histories, as well as a wide range of dental needs.

Students will train in all aspects of modern dental procedures, using state of the art equipment and techniques. Proper sequencing of treatment and the delivery of comprehensive care are a hallmark of our program.

Our program is multi-disciplinary, and students will have the opportunity to work side by side with all necessary specialists. Treatment within this setting will be of the highest quality, and performed under the supervision of expert faculty. The educational experience will also include rotating through the specialty clinics, as well as community based health centers.

The didactic portion of the program will be at a more advanced level than the pre-doctoral curriculum. Subjects covered will include implant dentistry, radiology, oral biology, pathology, temporo-mandibular disorders, and many other areas of dentistry. Practice management, and business tools that the resident will need to begin their careers are explored in great detail.

The program offers an optional second year, which will differ in both curriculum and requirements. Whereas the first year emphasizes the introduction of the student to comprehensive care, treatment planning, and quality care in a closely supervised setting, the second year will allow the opportunity to explore more advanced procedures and complex cases, again, under close supervision. The second year will require a separate application through PASS. A certificate of completion will be granted following the successful completion of each year.

Examples of treatment performed in the AEGD program include implant placement and restoration, advanced crown and bridge, removable full and partial dentures, endodontic treatment, periodontal treatment, simple and complex oral surgery, pedodontic care, and radiology. Students will leave our program ready to begin their careers, and achieve success as practicing dentists.

Successful completion of both Part 1 and 2 of the National Boards are mandatory for any application to be processed. In addition, all candidates must be eligible for New York State licensure, and must have a minimum of 60 college credits in non-dental education. The first and second year AEGD programs are tuition based, and open to all recent American and International graduates.  Stipends are available for a limited number of U.S. trained permanent residents.

AEGD Program Rotations

AEGD students will rotate through all of the postdoctoral specialty programs