​​Global Programs

Columbia University has a long history of providing extended services to underserved communities around the world and an increasing involvement in global health issues. For College of Dental Medicine students, this translates into countless opportunities to participate in global health initiatives and academic partnerships throughout their enrollment. We encourage all of our students to take advantage of Columbia's wide network of opportunities, with the conviction that broadening our students' experience will help them become better professionals in an increasingly diverse world.

Nearly half our students participate in the Global Health Externship Program (GHE) and join a service mission to underserved countries such as Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Cambodia, and Philippines at some point during their enrollment. Other global opportunities exist through collaborations with other CUMC initiatives.

"...I had the privilege to participate in a Global Externship in the Dominican Republic to treat underserved children. It was truly one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. We were there for only a week, but I wish we could have stayed longer not just because of the need, but because the children were such a pleasure to work with...I was able to build my confidence, adapt to non-ideal conditions, and learn to work quickly...As a group, we created a very strong bond and shared lots of laughs. Because of this trip, I plan to make global externships an important part of my career." Brianne Donohue '16

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