​​Global Programs

Columbia University has a long history of providing extended services to underserved communities around the world and an increasing involvement in global health issues. For College of Dental Medicine students, this translates into countless opportunities to participate in global health initiatives and academic partnerships throughout their enrollment. We encourage all of our students to take advantage of Columbia's wide network of opportunities, with the conviction that broadening our students' experience will help them become better professionals in an increasingly diverse world.

Recently, students had the opportunity to spend a week sharpening their communication and collaboration skills while working alongside dental students at the Facultad De Odontologia of the Universidad Francisco Marroquín (UFM), a dental school in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Other global opportunities exist through collaborations with other CUMC initiatives.

"With medical and dental ‘mission’ trips, you come in and do as much as you can. But because very often, treatments don’t continue after the trip, we are not really fixing problems, just applying Band-Aids. By building a partnership with students and faculty at UFM, we can be more intentional with treatments. It’s a more sustainable model.”  Rachel Utomo '24

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