​DDS/MA in Science and Dental Education

The DDS/MA in Science and Dental Education dual degree program enables a select number of dental students who have expressed genuine interest in dental education to earn an MA degree at Teachers College while working toward their professional degree in dentistry. The program of studies combines content courses from CDM with professional education courses in dental medical research and practice, along with courses that establish breadth in modern theory and practice of education.

The vast majority of medical and dental educators have professional doctorates without grounding in education. This lack of preparation as teachers of the profession is felt keenly by many dental educators. Graduates of the DDS/MA dual degree program will graduate with a number of career options in the field of dental education.

Application Process

To be admitted to the DDS/MA in Science and Dental Education dual degree program, students must be already enrolled in the DDS program at the College of Dental Medicine. Students must be recommended for the dual degree program by faculty at the College of Dental Medicine and subsequently approved by the faculty of the Science Department at Teachers College.

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For further information, contact:

Dr. Joseph McManus
Senior Associate Dean for Admissions

Dr. Roseanna Graham