​​Global Health Externship Program

The Global Health Externship Program (GHE) provides students with opportunities to participate in service missions to underserved countries such as the Dominican Republic.

Students can also participate in U.S. missions through the Indian Health Service (IHS). Faculty and residents partner with service organizations such as Somos Amigos, and the IHS to provide necessary oral care to these areas. More than 2,500 patients are seen annually on these service missions.

Goals of the GHE Program

  • Establishing a global presence at these locations
  • Providing continuity of service for these communities
  • Creating an awareness of and an appreciation for “dental philanthropy”
  • Creating partnerships with strong international philanthropic organizations
  • Developing student cultural competency
  • Providing care where access is difficult or non-existent
  • Developing professional judgment and self-confidence

Apply for a GHE Service Mission  

Application Deadline: October 15, 2018