​Academic Appointments, Titles & Promotion

Unmodified Titles: Tenured/Tenure-Track Appointments

Tenure-track appointments are designated only for faculty with a research focus. Appointments to tenure are made in the grades of Associate Professor and Professor, following a University-wide peer-review process.

For more information, please visit the CUIMC Office of Academic Affairs and review the Principles and Customs Governing University-Wide Tenure Reviews.

Modified Titles: "at CUMC" Appointments

Modified title ("at CUMC") appointments are made in all ranks (Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor). Faculty on the "at CUMC" track designate one or more area of academic focus: (1) educational scholarship & leadership, (2) applied health care & public health interventions, and/or (3) investigation. 

The self-assessment tool is a document designed to help faculty with "at CUMC" titles determine their area(s) of focus.

For an overview of the promotion process and requirements for "at CUMC" CDM faculty, download our basic guide and dossier guide (log in with CUMC email credentials). You can also view the materials from an annual CDM seminar (most recently, Jan. 26, 2021).

More information is available on the CUIMC Office of Academic Affairs, or you can contact us at cdmfacultydevelopment@cumc.columbia.edu