Policies & Guides


This document details the official CV format to be used by CUIMC faculty.

Faculty Activity Reporting

Per CDM policy, each salaried faculty member must have a periodic one-on-one meeting with their Division Director (or the person they report to) to review accomplishments and challenges in the past calendar year and to set short- and longer-term career goals.

The suggested timeframe to complete reports and meetings is January-March of each year (for activities in the preceding calendar year).  

CDM is using an online platform called Interfolio Faculty180 for activity reporting starting in 2021. The platform allows faculty members to record accomplishments and highlight teaching, research, and patient care activities in a format consistent with the CUIMC CV. The Activities section includes all possible activities a faculty member can report on; please complete only those sections that are relevant to your role/responsibilities at CDM. Please visit our SharePoint site (CUMC email/Exchange login required) for instructions and video tutorials on how to use Faculty180.

The report should be completed and submitted to your reviewer a few days prior to the in-person meeting. If you have any questions about this CDM policy and process, please check with your Division Director, Section Chair, and/or Dr. Evie Lalla, Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Development.

Promotion Guides

For information about appointments and promotions for Officers of Instruction, visit our page on Academic Appointments, Titles & Promotion.

Protected Time

Protected time—work hours that faculty are allotted for scholarly activity or professional development and are excused from clinical, teaching, or administrative duties—has been described in academic medicine literature as essential for the development of impactful products and for promoting advancement/success and job satisfaction among faculty members.

Read CDM’s Protected Time policy (log in with CUMC email credentials), applicable to full-time faculty members with modified “at CUMC” titles. Tenure-track and tenured faculty receive protected time in accordance with University policy.

Guide for Inclusive Teaching at Columbia

This guide, prepared by CTL, offers an overview of five inclusive teaching principles with practical, accessible, usable strategies.

Guides from the Columbia University Office of the Provost

Columbia’s Office of the Vice Provost offers guides on a variety of topics:

Columbia University Faculty Handbook

The Columbia University Faculty Handbook provides essential information about policies that govern aspects of academic life at Columbia University, including appointment and promotion processes and policies, leaves, and other policies relevant to officers of instruction and research. A useful breakdown is available from Columbia’s Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons.