Mentoring Programs

CDM Faculty Development runs two group mentoring programs: the Mentoring Network for Women Faculty and the Educators' Academy. We launched these programs to facilitate faculty success and well-being—outcomes strongly supported in the literature on formal mentoring programs—and following the recommendations the Office of the Provost at Columbia University. Both programs use the “peer and near-peer” mentoring model, which brings together a small collaborative group of faculty spanning many career stages, has a nonhierarchical power dynamic, and allows for reciprocal information sharing and psychosocial support.

Eligible faculty apply during the application period each year (usually summer), and accepted members gather for structured meetings five or more times over the academic year to explore topics of interest to the group. Whether you are a previous participant or are new to the CDM mentoring programs, we encourage you to apply to join the next cohort!

Mentoring Network for Women Faculty

Mentoring network for women faculty logo

The Mentoring Network for Women Faculty (MNW) is open to female-identifying full-time faculty at CDM. This program was created to enhance faculty members’ professional success and satisfaction through relationship-building, skill and knowledge development, and career guidance, with special attention paid to the trends and challenges for women in higher education. Members are eligible for the MNW fund, which provides financial support for individual career advancement activities. 

Session materials are available on the MNW SharePoint site (members only).

See what our previous participants said about the program in this short video.

Educators' Academy

Educators' Academy logo

The Educators' Academy (EA) is open to salaried CDM faculty with teaching responsibilities. This program was created to support faculty who have a passion for the scholarship and practice of teaching and learning and to promote excellence in teaching at the dental school. Members are eligible for the EA fund, which provides financial support for training or specific skill development that would benefit teaching efforts at CDM.

Session materials are available on the EA SharePoint site (members only).