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  • December 28, 2017

    A new era in dentistry is underway with changes that include deep data mining that could show the most effective treatments and wireless technology to support student learning.

    Columbia University Center for Precision Dental Medicine
  • April 11, 2018

    Columbia University believes dentistry will change more in the next decade than it did in the last 50 years. Through a new initiative, we aim to lead that change.


    Center for Precision Dental Medicine microsite
    Faculty looking at new site.
  • January 24, 2018

    Psychological issues can keep some patients from getting the oral care they need. Columbia's dental and social work schools partner to address them.


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  • May 9, 2018

    CDM is working to revolutionize the teaching and practice of dentistry, and for the patient, the environment transforms the experience.

    A candid shot of a patient in the Center for Precision Dental Medicine at Columbia University
  • April 19, 2018

    This year's annual celebration of research featured a lecture by Jeannette Wing, PhD, director of the Data Science Institute at Columbia University.


    Campus News
    Students discuss research at Birnberg Research Day
  • April 9, 2018

    Former faculty member and alumnus, Mark J. Tenner, DDS '62, passed away on Friday, April 6, 2018.

    Mark J. Tenner, DDS
  • April 3, 2018

    Survival rates for oral cancer vary widely. Angela Yoon, DDS, is seeking a snippet of genetic material that could help identify the most aggressive cancer and lead to precision oral cancer care.

    cancerous oral tissue
  • March 31, 2018

    CDM is developing global programs that emphasize sustainability, empowerment of local communities, and mutual benefit.

    Image of global intersections
  • February 6, 2018

    Current TMJ syndrome treatments address symptoms. Dr. Chang Lee aims higher, hoping to undo damage done by the degenerative condition by using stem cells.

    Chang Lee, PhD, of Columbia University College of Dental Medicine by CCTV
  • February 6, 2018

    Dr. Dennis Mitchell joins the board of the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education.

    Dennis Mitchell headshot
  • January 30, 2018

    Congratulations to the CDM Class of 2018, which had a remarkable Match Day this year with students matching in nearly every specialty.

    Match Day Celebration in the Student Affairs Suite
  • January 18, 2018

    Lois Cohen, PhD, is helping CDM transform its global work. A sociologist by training, she sees oral disease from a unique perspective that has earned her broad recognition.

  • January 5, 2018

    Read about the College of Dental Medicine's new initiatives, recent events, and latest research.

    Cover of CDM Magazine 2017


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