​Academic Appointments/Titles

1. Unmodified Titles: Tenured/Tenure-Track appointments

Tenure-track appointments are designated for research faculty only. Appointments to tenure are made in the grades of Associate Professor and Professor, following a peer-review process.

For more information, please visit the CUMC Office of Academic Affairs and review the Principles and Customs Governing University-Wide Tenure Reviews.

2. Modified Titles: "at CUMC" appointments

These are made in all ranks (Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor & Professor) and include 3 areas of academic focus: education, patient care/ applied health care  & public health interventions and research.

For more information and documents on the "at CUMC" Modified Titles please visit the CUMC Office of Academic Affairs or contact us at cdmfacultydevelopment@cumc.columbia.edu.