Research at the Lee Lab

Research at the Lee Lab (​Regenerative Engineering Laboratory) through research that focuses on in situ regeneration of musculoskeletal and craniofacial tissues by harnessing endogenous stem cells.

Research Concentrations

Knee meniscus

  • Controlled delivery of multiple bioactive cues via bio-glue system to guide regeneration of avascular meniscus tears by endogenous stem/progenitor cells


  • Harnessing tendon-resident stem/progenitor cells to guide tendon regeneration
  • Small molecules stimulating endogenous tendon regeneration
  • Investigating interplay between stem cells and immune system in tendon

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disc

  • Bioactive, 3D-printed scaffold for TMJ discs regeneration by recruitment of synovial stem/progenitor cells, followed by regional-controlled differentiation

The Lee Lab has performed pioneering work in this promising field of in situ regeneration. We have published several flagship papers that opened the door to this new field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.