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Elliot Cohen, DDS '60: Sold my practice in 2004, moved upstate to the Catskill Mountains thinking I'll never have to look in another mouth again! However, I accepted a very cushy part-time job that was offered to me with NYS prison system. Got home early enough even on my "work days" to enjoy my beautiful property! Retired from NYS job in 2016 and relocated to Boynton Beach, FL. Playing Pickleball and working out! Enjoying the time I have left in life! Extra bonus is my youngest daughter and her 6 children live in Boca!

Fondest memory from Dental School: Graduation day!!!!!!!!!

Morris Scherr, DDS '60: After completing the Orthodontic program at Columbia, I started my practice in Wantagh, NY and eventually brought in two partners. I retired about 12 years ago and spend my time between Boca Raton, Florida, Bridgehampton, and NYC. The practice is still going on.

Fondest/funniest memory from Dental School: The funniest incidence was the confrontation between Alpha Omega and Psi Omega in planning parties. Alpha Omega wanted more food and Psi Omega wanted more liquor.

Joseph Casale, DDS '61: Favorite Dental School memory: Dr. Joe Fiasconano introducing me to my wife.

Abe Rosenthal, DDS '61: I retired ten years ago and we are living in Tarrytown, very close to the Tappan Zee Bridge. Just celebrated my 85th last month.

Robert Saporito, DDS '61: Retired 15 years but still very active.

Herbert Schlussel, DDS '61: Favorite Dental School memory: Even as freshmen we were treated with respect from the first day of school.

Marvin Stern, DDS '61: Favorite Dental School memory: Cramming through a pharmacology lecture.

Paul Brandoff, DDS '66: Fondest Dental School memory: Getting my first dental injection, an inferior alveolar block, administered by Dr. Friedrich with Inge by my side.

Martin Steve Miller, DDS '66: Steve Miller retired from his practice, limited to periodontics and implants, fifteen years ago and then embarked on a “second career.” His long-standing interest in Shaker culture and years of research lead to his publishing two books, From Shaker Lands and Shaker Hands: A Survey of the Industries and Inspired Innovations: A Celebration of Shaker Ingenuity. He also published articles on the subject here and abroad, contributed to some twenty other books, taught courses at the University of Hartford, curated nine exhibits—from New York City to Vermont—and, with his wife, endowed a permanent Shaker gallery in the oldest American art museum in the country.

Steve and Miriam have been married for 52 years. Their son and daughter-in-law live in Los Angeles; he teaches at UCLA and she works at the Getty Conservation Institute. Their daughter and son-in-law live close by them in West Hartford, CT and both teach in public schools. Their grandson is 16 and granddaughter 12. Steve’s main hobby is hiking and paddling throughout the United States.

Richard Papp, DDS '66: I retired in 1993 and never looked back from 1750 Crosby Ave, Bronx, New York. I was on the teaching staff of Albert Einstein/Montefiore locally as an Assistant Clinical Professor for 24 years. I have two daughters and six grandkids.

Alan Schildkraut, DDS '66: It has been nice getting together annually (thanks to Leon organizing) with several of our classmates who like me are now living in Florida.

Fondest/funniest memory from Dental School: arriving for Dr. Arden's class first thing in the morning wearing two different color shoes. At least they were the same style.

Stephen Goldberg, DDS '71: Funniest Dental School memory: Mel Moss throwing a chair at Mike Tucker.

Paul Rogow, DDS '71: Following a 25-year career at VA’s in the NYC metro area I retired and moved to Pinehurst, NC in 2015. See you on 5/21.

James Triant, DDS '71: I’m still enjoying full-time practice and look forward to seeing you all on Zoom.

Thomas Getreuer, DDS '80: I’m retired! Yea!

Christopher Valente, DDS '80: Favorite Dental School memory: Graduation day in the courtyard of Presbyterian Hospital with my 3-month-old daughter, Julie, attending! Of course, she is now 41.

Joseph Napoli, DDS '81: We live in Wilmington, DE and our two youngest graduated college in 2020. Favorite memory: having great classmates at SDOS.

Noel Amyat, Peds '93 has been appointed founding Dean of Ponce Health Sciences University (PHSU) School of Dental Medicine in Puerto Rico. PHSU’s dental school will be the first private dental school on the island. Dr. Aymat - a practicing Pediatric Dentistry and Attorney - has been professor at the University Of Puerto Rico School of Dental Medicine, was President of the Puerto Rico Dental Association (2009) and Chancellor of the UPR Medical Sciences Campus (2014-2017) before taking this new position. 

Sean Shekib, DDS '96 will be installed as the President of the New York State Academy of General Dentistry at Colbeh of Great Neck, on Saturday, January 8, 2022.

Cathy Hung, DDS '00 published her latest book, Behind Her Scalpel: A Practical Guide to Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Stories by Female OMFS. It is a result of her participation in ADA's Institute for Diversity in Leadership program and features 25 stories of female oral surgeons along with chapters on leadership, diversity and inclusion, work-life balance, marriage and relationships, and fellowship and mentorship. 

Rebecca Fei-Ti Liu, DDS '06: I realized how lucky we were to have had such a dedicated and compassionate group of faculty members that wanted nothing more than each one of the students to succeed. I really have nothing but the fondest of memories from my time at school. Thanks to every single one of you! 

Andrew Boyd, DDS '11 is living in Westchester and practicing in midtown.

Fondest/funniest Dental School memory: Pete Grieco wearing those creepy pre-clinic lab heads and the dentures he made.

Patrick Arbuckle, DDS '15: Jusil and I welcomed our newborn girl, Penelope, in December. I am currently working as the Executive Officer for eight U.S. Army dental clinics in Germany and Belgium. We plan to return back to the States this summer after living in Germany for three years. We are staying safe through the pandemic and hope everyone else is as well!

Fondest Dental School memories: Orientation/Disorientation at Puglia's and the 2012 Freshman Talent Show.

Danielle London , DDS'15: I had my son, Brooks, on May 11, 2020.  I am currently practicing as an associate orthodontist in the Oklahoma City Metro.

Fondest Dental School memory: The great camaraderie our class had!!

Ryan Patel, DDS '15: Living in D.C. with Pao, our two boys (Ruben & Lando age 3 & 1). I launched Bond: a traveling oral surgery practice, bringing turnkey specialty services to GP offices.

Fondest/funniest Dental School memories: Tucking Mark in on the F train as it rolled out of Rockefeller Center toward Queens, waving goodbye from the platform, and wondering if he'd forgive me & Trulby for how hungover he was about to be, and for the flight he was about to miss. Haha. Krishna making up sayings. Web leading SGA pre-meetings. Pregames at Mark's. Patrick's extraordinary drinking abilities. Six Flags. George Levine disagreeing with instructors. Reed ruining the curve for everyone 100% of the time. Dunking on Jason Lin to become the best basketball player CDM ever knew (sorry I made you cry, J). And meeting my wife, that too. But mostly the other stuff.