The College of Dental Medicine partners with the Columbia Business School to offer a combined DDS/MBA degree. Individuals pursuing this course of study receive thorough foundations in the basic biological sciences and clinical dentistry and gain invaluable insights into the financial considerations and managerial aspects of health care organizations, preparing them to assume leadership roles in the health care industry.

There is a tremendous need for this type of dual expertise in the dental profession as delivery of dental care services becomes increasingly complex. In this type of climate, the field of dentistry will be best served by individuals who are not only professionally trained managers but who also understand the basic conditions for ethical and responsible dental health care. Graduates of the DDS/MBA program can, therefore, expect to remain in professional demand for the foreseeable future.

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Application Process

Students must apply and gain acceptance to both the College of Dental Medicine and Columbia Business School, which sets admission standards for the MBA component of the program. Application and admission to the business school may take place between the beginning of the first year and the completion of the third year at the College of Dental Medicine.

DDS/MBA candidates must interrupt their dental school studies for three terms to complete the required business curriculum, which includes fifteen business courses and 45 overall credit points.

For further information, contact:

Dr. Joseph McManus
Senior Associate Dean for Admissions