Facilities and Equipment

CDCR offers access to a wide range of specialized tools and equipment to support your research needs. We also can provide training by expert users in the lab.

Available equipment

  • Communal Fridges, Freezers, Cell Culture Hood and Incubator, Lab Benches — for all your experimental preparation and maintenance needs
  • EnvisionTec 3D Bioplotter—for biomanufacturing scaffolds to meet your tissue engineering needs
  • NanoSight NS300 - visually track size & characterize nanoparticles from 10nm - 1000nm in solution.
  • Ionoptix Optics 11 Nanoindenter — a force-sensing benchtop instrument to measure mechanical forces in irregular materials such as hydrogels, scaffolds, cartilage, etc.
  • CellScale UniVert – tension, compression and bending biomaterials testing
  • ThermoFisher ViiA 7 Real-Time PCR System — for qPCR gene expression
  • BioTek Microplate Reader
  • Li-Cor Protein Quantification System—for quick, easy, quantifiable western blot analysis
  • Maestro Animal Imaging System — imaging capabilities for fluorescent macro-imaging
  • Nikon & Leica Fluorescent Microsopes for phase contrast and immunohistochemistry imaging
  • Animal Surgery Suite
  • Eppendorf Refrigerated Centrifuges

Contact Us

Contact Dr. Christopher Ricupero at clr2101@cumc.columbia.edu for more information about center access and all the tools we offer.