​Grants Management Office

The Grants Management Office serves as a central resource for the research community at the College of Dental Medicine during all pre- and post-award processes.

All sponsored projects (grants, contracts, industry clinical trials) are centrally managed by the Grants Management Office. This includes submission of sponsored project proposals by faculty or students and post-award financial and administrative management. The Grants Management Office must be notified of all research conducted at the College of Dental Medicine, sponsored or non-sponosored.

All grant proposals, including federal, private, foundation, or Columbia University internal grants, must be submitted for the Grants Management Office review 30 days prior to sponsor's deadline.

Grants Management Office responsibilities:

  • Development and implementation of College of Dental Medicine research administration policies and procedures
  • Pre-award management of all grants, contracts, and clinical trials, including externally funded student research:
    • Proposal review
    • Budget development
    • Coordination of approvals and submission
    • Contact point for SPA, CTV, CTO
  • Post-award management of all grants, contracts, and clinical trials:
  • Project/budget setup
  • Subcontracts
  • Expense analysis and monitoring
  • Reports to PI’s
  • Quarterly PI attestations
  • Reconciliation and close-out
  • Contact point for SPF
  • Financial analysis and reporting of College of Dental Medicine grants, contracts, and research activities
  • Central data base for all College of Dental Medicine research activities, sponsored and non-sponsored
  • Administration and funding of student research
  • Research compliance

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Contact Us

Grants Management Office
21 Audubon Avenue

Sharmin Hossain
Grants Manager

(212) 305-8025