Comprehensive Implantology Continuum, Part II

Course Description

Upon successful completion of Part I of the Continuum, participants will have the option of observing implant procedures in the CDM clinic and placing up to two implants on their patient. These sessions will be instructed by a CDM faculty member in a one-to-one clinical setting. Prior to performing the implant placement, Part II participants must first observe two implant procedures in the CDM clinic. Participants may also opt for live surgery observation only. Additional course fees will apply.

  • Customized, based on participants' schedules during clinic hours (Mon-Fri)
  • CE credits awarded for all hours of participation.

This course meets the continuing education requirements for the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI)’s Fellowship Credential and contributes to the maintenance requirements for ICOI Fellowship, IPS Mastership and ICOI Diplomate Credentials


"Thank you for creating a course geared for a general practitioner, like me- the sequence of material presented made it quite understandable.  Although each presenter had his/her own perspective and preferences, the variety of viewpoints was very valuable.  And certainly, all of us will incorporate this material into our practices in our own way.... I had a patient this weekend with a fractured maxillary premolar, I extracted it and placed an immediate implant.  What a wonderful option to offer a patient.  I am looking at my cases in a different way and I am confident in the fine training I received. Thank you for helping me become a better dentist."

-Dr. Jane Arena (2015-2016)

"I sincerely believe the knowledge you shared will transform the way I practice this noble profession and it certainly will benefit many patients. I'm very motivated to continue researching and learning to expand my knowledge."

-Dr. Mora, Colombia (2014-2015) 

"Basically the course was fantastic. Dr. Fine and Dr. Valdinoto were amazing, as were all the other presenters..."

-Dr. Spina, III, Wayne, PA (2012-2013) 

"... I felt I did not waste my time or money at all."

-Dr. Chan, New Rochelle, NY (2012-2013) 

"I had a great time at Columbia...I can honestly say this was probably the best treatment i have ever received from a dental school."

-Dr. Yuan, Flushing, NY (2012-2013) 

"...The small classroom and their desire to make us understand the basics of Implant placement made it easy to understand the material. They all answered every question and never made you feel uncomfortable. They always made it real world and practical, while at the same time giving me the knowledge of what is possible in more complicated cases. This course was a highlight of my career..."

-Dr. Michel, Somers Point, NJ (2010-2011) 


For questions about this course, please contact:
(212) 305-7124