​Honor Code and Guidelines on Professionalism

Essential to the mission of Columbia University College of Dental Medicine is community-wide adherence to the highest level of ethical and professional conduct. Training in matters of ethics and professionalism is an integral part of the education of every student at the College of Dental Medicine and is necessary for entrance into the dental profession.

All University faculty, students, and staff are responsible for compliance with the Rules of University Conduct. Copies of the full text are available in Essential Policies for the Columbia Community. Additionally, at the College of Dental Medicine, the Student Honor Code and the Guidelines on Professionalism delineate the standards which are expected of College of Dental Medicine students to ensure their suitability to practice dentistry. It is the responsibility of any individual who witnesses a deviation from the expected standards of behavior to report it via the Reporting and Disciplinary Process.

The goal of such reporting is ultimately to educate students about the potential impact of their actions on both their individual lives and the University community at large.