​Communications Policies

Student Email Communications Policy

Email use at CUMC is governed by institutional policies and federal regulations designed to protect Sensitive and Confidential information. Email data including the message itself and any attachments are typically cached (stored) locally on computers and/or portable devices.

Columbia University Student Email Communications Policy

Official Name, Address, and Telephone Number

It is the responsibility of every student to keep the Office of Admissions and Student Affairs and the University aware of your most recent and updated contact information. This can be updated at Student Services Online.

You can update the information and still select to not be listed in the directory. However, most students do not elect this option so that faculty and professors can look them up in the university directory easily.

As mentioned in the email policy section, official communications, including student bills, hold notifications, etc. will be sent via email.

Any student, who marries or enters into a domestic partnership agreement must inform the Admissions and Student Affairs office (especially where a name change is requested).

Please be sure SSOL has the correct name spelling; that spelling will be used on the diploma!