Students who are registered at the College of Dental Medicine full time may cross-register each semester, without charge, for one or two courses in several other schools at Columbia. However, since College of Dental Medicine students do not have a summer registration, they must pay tuition if they cross-register for a course during a University summer term. In all cases, they must have the approval of the Academic Dean as well as the instructor of the course they wish to take. Students may also audit courses at the graduate or undergraduate schools at Columbia by seeking permission from the instructor. *Please note that language courses cannot be audited.

If a course is oversubscribed, students who have cross-registered have low priority and may be dropped. Seminars are not usually available to College of Dental Medicine students. Registration for non-credit language courses is only final at the end of the change-of-program period.

Cross-registered courses may be taken for a grade, pass/fail, or registration credit (R). The grade or designation appears on the student’s transcript.

Registration forms for cross-registration are available in the Registrar’s Office (Black Building 141) and online.