​Pre-Arrival Requirements

Prior to your arrival on campus as a new College of Dental Medicine student or soon thereafter, we will require several forms and trainings to be completed. The list below is not exhaustive, other such trainings/attendance/signatures may be required at other stages of your education at the College of Dental Medicine.

Sexual Respect and Community Citizenship Initiative

In the Spring of 2015, Columbia University’s Office of University Life launched a Sexual Respect Initiative to address concerns of community, citizenship, and sexual respect within the Columbia community. This Initiative supports learning and reflection on the link between sexual respect and membership in the University community. All new Columbia students are required to participate in this Sexual Respect and Community Citizenship Initiative. From early October through spring break, students will be able to choose among multiple participation options: workshops; film and discussion events; online video and reflection; and Finding Keys to Resiliency, an offering for those who have experienced trauma or are especially interested in trauma and healing. There will be additional opportunities to create your own option to satisfy this requirement.

The programming focuses on placing the University's core commitment to mutual respect alongside other bedrock University commitments, including intellectual exchange and ethical leadership. Through your engagement, both in thought and action, we can create a community and campus in which all can participate freely and fully in the robust, pluralistic life of this great University.

HIPAA Training

HIPAA requirement at the College of Dental Medicine: all students are required to adhere to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

All CUMC faculty, staff, and students must complete mandatory HIPAA training.

Office of University Life Tutorial

The Office of University Life serves as a primary place of engagement for issues of campus-wide concern and, importantly, as a focal point for student interests, supplementing the current resources within Columbia University's undergraduate, graduate and professional schools. The mission of Office of University Life is to further the academic and community experience of students, faculty and staff at Columbia. The Office of University Life, in conjunction with all of Columbia University’s schools, prepares an online tutorial to introduce all incoming students to many of Columbia’s essential policies and resources. The tutorial is required and must be completed before by all new students, as it provides an important foundation for membership in the University community. The College of Dental Medicine Office of Student Affairs will track and ensure its students’ engagement with the Columbia University community.