​Maximum Program Time to Receive the DDS and Satisfactory Academic Progress

The total length of the DDS program, including leave of absence, remediation of a year, or enrollment in a dual degree program must be completed within six years of initial matriculation. Only one year may be repeated, in full or in part, or taken as a leave of absence in order to meet requirements for the degree.

An academic course can only be remediated once. An academic semester can only be repeated once.

Financial aid and satisfactory academic policy (SAP) states that tobe eligible for federal sources of financial aid, a student must maintain satisfactory academic progress as outlined in the College of Dental Medicine Academic Policies. The standards are the same as those required of non-financial aid recipients. Students are evaluated at the end of every semester. If deemed to not be making SAP, then students will receive a Financial Aid Warning, but may continue to receive Federal funds in the next term. If you fail to make SAP after that term, you will not be eligible for additional federal aid unless you successfully appeal to have your aid reinstated.