​Conflict Resolution Resources

When interpersonal conflicts arise between members of the College of Dental Medicine community, it is essential that resources to support and mechanisms for resolution be known and available. Below are guidelines, depending on the nature of the problem and who is involved:

  • Student ethical issues are governed by the College’s Honor Code revised in 2017. Questions should be addressed to the Associate Dean for  Student Affairs.
  • Academic issues should be brought to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.
  • Sexual Harassment issues are referred directly to the Columbia University Office for Gender-Based Misconduct or the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action.
  • Issues of Diversity and Inclusion should be brought to the attention of Associate Dean for Student Affairs
  • At the discretion of the involved parties, other conflicts should be addressed to an immediate supervisor, the division director, etc. if not resolvable by the involved parties. Additionally, the Associate Dean for Student Affairs is available for information, advice, etc.
  • If the preceding are deemed unsuitable, a separate conflict resolution resource exists through the University Ombuds Officer at 154 Haven Avenue, Room 412, Tel: 212-304-7026

Please note the following guiding principle:

  • Confidentiality is always a foremost concern in all areas above; however, in cases of sexual misconduct and harassment, reporting duties must be upheld unless you contact one of the confidential resources found here.